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Special Events

Parents' Night Out!

Parents' Night Out is the perfect opportunity for you to take a break, go out for the evening, or just relax for a night in a quiet, kid free home :). Meanwhile, your kid(s) will be having a blast as they are in a fun and safe environment, with a night filled with games, fun free play, pizza, and movies and popcorn!

Parents' Night Out

6 Week Weapons Courses

We have put together these specialized courses in Tradional Japanese/Okinawan weapons in order to focus your training on 1 specific weapon for that 6 week duration... the courses are self passed and not set to any strict curriculum (which means the faster you're able to learn, the more in depth the training will become!). These courses are geared towards intermediate and advanced students, however anyone is welcome to join us (regardless of rank or membership). Participation from all advanced students is highly encouraged.

2019 Schedule TBA

- Kama

- Tonfa

- Tanbo

Sai -

Bo Staff -

Weapons Course

Dojo Birthday Parties

We offer dojo birthday parties for your child to have the

Dojo Birthday Parties
Isaac's Martial Arts
1808 Anthony Rd (Suite 101)
Burlington, NC 27215
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