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Budo Kai Jujitsu

Budo-Kai JuJitsu is unlike the modern derivations and sporting schools of Judo, and sport JuJitsu, but rather classical it utilizes a full array of weapons, throws, joint manipulations, kicks, and strikes to the body cavities, muscular intersections, ground fighting with pinned and/or controlling techniques.


A student of Budo-Kai JuJitsu will not only train to master the art but to master the inner most parts of him or herself. Why is this aspect so important?... Because it is not the belt rank that makes the student but the student who makes the belt rank what it is. As the student developes he/she cares less about the rank as they strive to better understand thier character.


The guiding principles of Budo-Kai JuJitsu: Attack and Defense are one; Yin and Yang are one; Stillness and Motion are one; Birth and Action are one; Reality and Emptiness are One. The student is the technique and the technique has become the student, why? As the Zen master would say: It Just Is.

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